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Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Development

What we do

Kantaris develops apps for iOS, Android and WP8 – based on our own ideas and on behalf of others. As a software development company we focus on applications and web services that we would ourselves want to use. Our aim is to make software that has the potential to reach and affect millions of people across the world.

Expert Knowledge

Invaluable knowledge gathered from 6 years of managing major software projects.

Media Solutions

Unique experience working with FFMPEG, VLC and other libraries for handling multimedia data.


Looking for ways to do things that others don’t see and coming up with better ways of doing it.

Skilled Team

Team of highly educated software engineers, a necessity for making great software.


We try to be one step ahead and we ask ourselves “What can we make better?”

Global View

With access and understanding of both Asian and Western markets.

Latest Apps

Does your business need an app or do you have a great idea for one?